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BioGuard® Plus 6™ is the ONLY EPA registered diesel additive that combines a biocide with a multi-functional diesel additive to prevent bacteria, algae and all other major diesel related problems.

BioGuard Plus 6 is the perfect solution for ultra low sulfur diesel and biodiesel problems; such as bacteria, algae, excess water, sludge, filter plugging, injector wear & deposits, poor fuel economy and unstable fuel.

Only BioGuard Plus 6 prevents bacteria and algae growth, plus:

Stabilizes fuel for up to 2 years
Prevents rust and corrosion
Lubricates pumps and injectors
Cleans-up injector deposits
Disperses moisture
Increases cetane

ValvTect Marine Diesel Additives - 946ml

RM110.00 Regular Price
RM99.00Sale Price
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