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Sierra "Blue" Premium TC - W3 2 - Cycle Oil. Runs cleaner, burns cleaner. There are many reasons to choose Sierra for your outboard engine... here are a few: Minimizes engine wear; Provides rust protection; Resists deposit formations; Provides excellent scuffing protection; Manufactured and designed to meet and exceed all engine manufacturers warranties; Exceeds JASO, ISO, API and NMMA for advanced generation 2-cycle lubricants; Ideal for oil injection systems or pre-mix applications; Optimum burnability for smokeless combustion; Significantly reduced aquatic toxicity to fish compared to other outboard oils on the market; Maximum lubrication and detergency allows engine to run more smoothly and efficiently; Reduces ring sticking, deposit formation and exhaust port blockage... less friction for easier starts; Formulated to improve performance and extend engine life by reducing wear on critical engine components; Ideal for today's high horsepower outboards that demand maximum performance

Sierra Premium 2-Stroke TC-W3 Outboard Oil - 946ml

SKU: 95002
RM21.90 Regular Price
RM19.71Sale Price
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