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Complete rescue gear, which delivers flotation to the victim and provides a means to hoist the person back aboard (with the help of a lifting tackle or halyard winch if necessary).
The clever and exclusive design of the Rescue Sling consists in the retrieval line which is coiled on a reel : this avoids the line tangling or fouling, and makes the Rescue Sling the most efficient man over
board recovery gear.

• Buoyancy of flotation belt : 98 N.
• 40 m of floating line.
• Storage bag with clips for rail attachment.
• Dimensions : height 50 cm, width 30 cm, thickness 20 cm.
• Weight : 1.7 kg.
• Breaking strain of line : 400 kg.
• Breaking strain of flotation belt : 700 kg.

Plastimo Rescue Sling - Yellow

SKU: 27027
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