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Attwood Heavy Duty Bilge Pumps. Gotta have a Bilge Pump! Attwood Heavy Duty Bilge pumps integrate the highest quality bearings, brushes, alloys and magnets designed to withstand extreme usage cycles. Bilge Pump employs an exclusive shaft and motor compartment, reducing wear and significantly extending pump life. Enhanced stainless steel motor shaft resists corrosion; Advanced resin compositions incorporated in the exterior to resist chemicals such as engine oil, aggressive detergents and hose plasticizers; Compact design with top-notch durability and efficiency; Locking tab and base swivel for unique mounting positions; Rotating outlet for improved hose installation; 36" wire leads; CE rated; 3-yr. limited manufacturer's warranty.; State Size. Order Today! Model No.: 23-47304; GPH: 1700; Volts: 12; Amps: 5.1; Hose: 1 1/8 I.D. Model No.: 23-47604; GPH: 2000; Volts: 12; Amps: 6; Hose: 1 1/8 I.D. Attwood Heavy Duty Bilge Pumps

Attwood Heavy Duty Bilge Pump 2000GPH

SKU: 4760
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